Defund the Police, Release Criminals – Outcomes Spelled out by Michael A Letts

Defund the police – movement got hyped in past years in the USA. The reasons put forward do not fall in with the need for first responders in USA communities. The requirement was always there and hence will be. If we omit this department from the USA’s administrative block, who will give us security? Probably this question did not disturb the minds of liberals.

Among many unintelligent reasons, defunding is promoted due to the aggressive behavior of police towards criminals. They do not understand the fact that criminals are criminals. There is no concession for those responsible for creating any disturbance in the check and balance of the country. Police officers are accountable for keeping counterbalance in security regards. Thus, they should be strict towards any malfunctioning.

Many aggressive incidents happened consecutively in the past few days. These incidents divided the whole nation into two groups. One was supporting defunding of police and the other one in rights of police. The opposite group thinks that defunding the police will eradicate the behavioral inadequacy from society. Adding more from their proposed reasons is to release criminals, which does not help them. All we get is – more crimes.

Police are Facing Deprival of Bulletproof Vests

Whether we talk about the 9/11 incident or any criminal remand, police are asked to respond at the frontline. The police officers did not even have any grant to protect themselves from any mishappening. They are called to respond, serve people, protect politicians, and patrol streets without wearing a bulletproof vest. They are margining their lives, and this is the best a police officer serves for his country.

defund the police

To not provide law enforcement officers their righted funds is similar to defunding them. In that case, either they will die or leave their post. And to be very clear, until 2024, there will not be anyone to respond to 911 if the situation continues.

In-Vest USA: Objective and Prospects

In-Vest USA was established in 1993, and from the very moment of initiation, In-Vest USA has been working for the well-being of first responders. For example, in 1993, 52% of first responders did not have any vest (quite alarming). But now numbers are subtracted to 28% just.


The key objective of In-Vest USA is to provide a bulletproof vest to every first responder serving anywhere in the USA. These vests are provided for free to all police officers also. “We will not sit back until each first responder gets a bulletproof vest,” says Michael A Letts.

Stepping forward, In-Vest USA is now starting another venture to provide Active Shooter Vests to police officers. An active shooter vest has metallic layering inside that offers enough resistance against any ballistic and even some other kind of deadly attack. But, again, all these motives are going under the leadership of Michael Letts and without any government funding.

The funding of In-Vest USA keeps going by fundraising occasions, charities, educational and corporational means.


In-Vest USA was founded with a clear (sincere) objective to protect police officers as police officers cannot afford to buy a bulletproof vest because they do not have any funding. That’s why Michael Letts gave hope to first responders – police officers mainly through In-Vest USA. With this initiative, first responders can now reach their homes safely in the evening.

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