The Bulletproof Vest Partnership Program – A Step towards Safeguarding

The Bureau of Justice assistance USA has taken a step forward in assuring protection for law enforcement officers and frontline responders. The Bulletproof Vest Partnership Grant Act has been introduced to protect the lives of law enforcement officers.

The act will mostly focus on helping states and small units to equip their law enforcement officers with bulletproof vests. This unique initiative of the US is brought forth to provide critical state resources to law enforcement agencies. The program is responsible for establishing eligibility criteria and allocation decisions for law enforcement agencies.

The CAUSE Behind

Any constitutional or social partnership programs are led by some compact reasons. The requirement of a bulletproof vest for front-line first responders became a necessity. That is the right of police to equip them with a bulletproof and obligation of the state to provide them.

The intent was to help law enforcement agencies to save the lives of their first responders. As usual, these agencies have been established with low budgets and cannot outfit all their troops with Bulletproof vests. Thus, as a helping hand to these law enforcement agencies, the BVP Partnership program has been launched to thicken our blue line responders.

BVP Partnership Program Funding Criteria

The BVP program started regulating with 50 percent funds of the cost of each vest that will be provided through the BVP program. Although, there was added specificity regarding vests. Only the vest models that fall in with the requirement of the official office of the Justice Programs’ National Institute of Justice might be purchased with the BVP program.

Bulletproof Vest Partnership Program

The LATER Requirement – Unique Fitted Armor Vest

A reauthorization of the BVP act has done in 2015 with the authorization and need of unique fitted vests. The provision stated that the BVP partnership program should give preferential deliberation to BVP recipients. Uniquely fitted vests for such law enforcement officers are need of the hour.

Here, Unique Fitted Vests means “Protective Vests’ ‘ that are perfectly fitted to the wearer, providing comfort as well as requisite coverage against ballistic attacks.

Eligibility Criteria for BVP by (USDOJ)

There is no such hard and fast rule to be an applicant for a bulletproof vest holder. But the eligible jurisdictions include general-purpose law enforcement units of the USA. Application as an applicant must be submitted by the jurisdiction CEO or relevant representative.

For individual applicants, eligible applicants must have law enforcement designation. These designations cover all police officers, sheriff deputies, correctional officers, parole and probation agents, prosecutors, and judicial officials. State law enforcement agencies must apply for funds through OPM. And municipal law enforcement agencies can apply directly to USDOJ for BVP funds.

Michael Letts Contribution

Michael Letts is a notable name in USA politics. His profound efforts in distributing bulletproof vests to first responders are worth appreciating. Especially in smaller state units, he educates and provides bulletproof vests to law enforcement officers.

armor vest

In-Vest USA by Michael Letts

A nonprofit organization that raises funds to provide free bulletproof vests to law enforcement first responders. The objective of this organization is, to not sit back until every troop is equipped with a bulletproof active shooter vest. An appreciable initiative took by Michael Letts to make a change to protect those lives that protect us. Many law enforcement first responders have bulletproof vests and are now responding more confidently due to his sincere intention. Together we can build a protective society by saving lives, says Michael Letts.

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