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Michael Letts is a name praised for his devoted favors to USA cops. A successful yet benevolent businessman is serving people through educational sponsorships and fundraising programs. Michael Letts is an inspiration and distinguished name in leading enterprises with the core concept of serving cops and educational purposes.

Michael Letts Leniency in Work Portrays His Devotion Towards Cops and Society

Michael Letts is a successful businessman with a gleaming social work history and is still building the road to join the worthy journey. The social efforts to make a change are the evidence of his fidelity to educate our next generation to be a spearhead in serving society.

Michael Letts Dignitary Work

The list of Michael Letts efforts to make a change has been praised on many platforms. He is considered the pioneer of educating cops on their safety. In addition, the educational need of children and guiding them to be frontline responders have set up a productive mindset in society.

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The list of his accomplishments and charity works is long. A brief overview of his splendid work endeavors is here:

First responder Academy By Michael Letts

Michael letts keenness about educating children and the young generation to be a frontline Responder turned into institutions. He pursued his passion for the educational necessities of children by founding the first Responder Academy Public Charter High School and Hope Academy. Responder Academy is located in South Carolina, and it is a full-time Chartered school. The cause behind establishing this iconic academy is to offer top-grade Responder training for high-school students.

FRA’s Mission

To empower students and urge their parents with FRA’s innovative educational programs is the main aim. The First responding trainers and skilled staff will teach these newbie’s in earning special certification in their chosen respects. Apart from Responder training, FRA offers virtual courses in a high-tech savvy environment that makes this institution meet advanced first responders’ needs.

Revolutionary “In-Vest USA” Initiative by Michael Letts

There is a concerned yet aspiring thought behind taking this revolutionary step. Michael Letts felt the need for the protection and shielding of law enforcement officers. To save society, you have to provide safeguarding to troops also – that’s what he said.

michael letts in vest usa

Michael Letts, the first in South Carolina, rectified these circumstances and initiated In-Vest USAto provide protective vests to cops and recommended them as part of their equipment.

In-Vest USA is a non-profit organization that raises funds to equip law enforcement officers with bulletproof jackets. In South Carolina and In-Vest also provides equipment to first responders in communities all across the USA.

Michael Letts Aim

Michael Letts is taking hold of this sincere cause. According to Michael Letts, “Our front line responders are the thin blue line that is protecting our country and keeping small regions in check.” That’s why he seems to be actively educating and fulfilling his cause of providing personal active shooter vests and bulletproof vests to frontline responders.

“Pennies for POLICE” Instigate by Michael Letts

Michael Letts broadened his mission by taking the initiative of “Pennies for Police.” The aim of launching this project is to provide free bulletproof vests to school resource officers. Students were allowed to participate by helping their school resource officer equip them with a bulletproof vest. He gave voice to:

Protecting Who Protect Us

Bulletproof T.V. – An insight of Daily Life Dangers

Michael Letts has taken the responsibility on his shoulders to take protective measures for frontline officers and train natives on how to react in danger. Yet, he truly believes in uncertainties that can also take troops into trouble.

bulletproof tv

To cope up with this, Michael Letts has come up with an innovative and up skilling idea. He introduced Bulletproof T.V. It is a series that portrays the impulsive situation of getting into danger. The Bulletproof T.V. expands on the actual life circumstances using dramatic stories, first-hand interviews, field footage, crime scene photos, and much more. All this formed into a series so that viewers can experience how critical situation law enforcement troops pass through.

Dynamic Involvement in Politics

Michael Letts’ bright political career comprises specific designations as the Governor’s Appointee on the S.C. legislative Infrastructure Study Committee, as well as a South Carolina Policy Council member, and SLED Chaplain with the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division and the Columbia Police Department.

Michael Letts actively takes part in political and community services of South Carolina. The ascendancy of his political career holds many leadership positions in the chamber of commerce, Boy Scouts of America, and Kiwanis.

Final Verdict

He resides in Columbia, SC partnering the congregations with Houses of Worships with their first responders to provide physical and spiritual support. He is a successful businessman owning many business ventures and a member of First Palmer Family Trust, an ordained minister of the Eastside Baptist Church, and founder of Salty Fin Realty and holdings. Michael Letts is serving his people to bring about an innovative, educated, and cultivated community.

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