Law Enforcement Officers Face Disregard in Society – Michael A Letts Revealed Where the Problem Lies

Michael Letts is a law enforcement professional and CEO of the Grassroots organization In-Vest USA. Via his non-profitable organization, Michael A Letts is serving small communities near South Carolina and nationwide to fill the blanks. The arduous journey of protecting the blue line of our country was not accomplished if Michael Letts did not take the flag in his hands.

The willing efforts of not letting the blue line thin more is facing disregard now. Defunding, demonizing and disregard are not the things that first responders deserve. The exciting increase in intruders and violent cases has made the police stand at the forefront of accountability rows. That’s the solution proposed apparently – a total disguise!

Michael Letts, in this whole perplexing situation, cleared out the misconceptions about police’s aggressive actions. There has been an increase in crimes and so, hostility for police (sadly). The solution was suggested – defund the police without any comprehension of the other side of the picture. If this continues, we will surely be diminishing our thin blue line (police).

The problem is the Lack of Accountability and a Corrupt Justice System

Any mishap occurs, the police are meant to be accountable. Why? Just because they were fulfilling their duty? Or they were aggressive towards criminals. Oh wait, they should be polite to humans – as criminals are humans too. Such an irony!

The so-called liberals and self-prioritized politicians should be made accountable. They ask the police to be defunded, but they spend huge bucks for their security. Michael Letts added to his services by speaking on platforms in the right of police. He knows that we already lack first responders, and this kind of anti-police movement will lead to no response from 9/11.

Criminals are lawbreakers, and to make this country in check, police need to be aggressive towards them. Yet, compared to other countries, we do not see any defunding even though police are free in their actions there. So then why are these wrongdoers not accountable here in the USA? Surely because of the poor rather than, say, a corrupt justice system.

Hold Culprits Accountable OR Destroy the Drivers of this Country

Law enforcement officers truly are drivers of this country. Police are ordered to respond in any death-dealing environment, but still, they are accountable. They do not care whether they are well equipped or not; they dive into the death pool to save their citizens. That act is somewhat unwillingness or undercover priorities of government representatives to demonize the police. The USA needs to hold culprits accountable, or there will not be any driver to drive check and balance in USA territories.

In-Vest USA by Michael A Letts

In-Vest was founded in 1993 by Michael A Letts to secure the lives of those who put their blood and sweat into saving our lives. Truly a massacre of police efforts by not even providing them with a bulletproof vest so that they can be less harmed.

Moreover, police are made to face defunding, and that causes a bulk of resignations. Michael Letts has been defending our frontline responders since he felt that almost all first responders did not have any vest to protect themselves.

That’s the basic need, and first responders are deprived of it. The figures are lessened from 58% to 28%, and that’s an imposing change. The platforms are now speaking against defunding of police and demanding rights for first responders. You can also put your part in saving our protector’s lives by heading over to the In-Vest USA website.

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