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Being a law enforcement professional, Michael Letts is towards his objective to hand over bulletproof vests to frost responders in case otherwise they do not have it. He, himself, has been part of the law enforcement agencies and sanely felt the need for bulletproof vests to be provided to first responders. 

In that failure of self-security of law enforcement police officers, Michael Letts established a non-profitable organization that provides bulletproof vests to those troops who are unable to buy a bulletproof vest. This incursion has been happening for decades as we can not risk protecting citizens standing at the frontline in need of time.

We also see Michael Letts talking about National security issues, which is immensely helping to make the public aware of the insights they see on the news.

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Disruption in National Security Objectives

The disruption was caused due to the protests against some unlawful deeds that happened in the USA. As a result, the public got wild, and we saw some disorderly security scenes there. The crowd was exhausted, and thus law enforcement had to come to the front line to maintain law and order. 

Michael Letts, in that context, stated that it is no doubt the responsibility of troops to maintain the security regulations, but what about when they don’t even have bulletproof vests to save themselves against any brutal attack? We certainly do not encourage those movements for our law enforcers as communal representatives always wanted to defund the police. That is undoubtedly crueler than responding in such an out-of-control situation. It is not only a single part of that giant conspiracy; Michael Letts stated George Soros’ One World Government in his interview to NOQ Report to change the last Bastion of change in this world.

Twin-Towers Striking and Law Enforcement Officers’ Unforgettable Aid

Michael Letts highlighted an unpleasant nostalgic incident in exchange for arguments in the NOW report. He pointed out the time striking on Twin Towers when the whole of the world has witnessed the exceptional service and aid of law enforcement officers. 

They did not even know whether they were returning to their homes or not, but they served their country. But, unfortunately, their people needed help, so the law enforcement officers jumped into the death pool without having personal security equipment. 

Their efforts were appreciated and awarded with encouraging movements. 


After the strike on the twin towers and the outstanding service of law enforcement officers, the president started a motivational campaign to encourage these troops.

ANTIFA and LEFTIST were named to those movements. But now, the constitution and lawmakers of the USA are considering making a One World Order Government – insights revealed by Michael Letts. This appropriately points out towards the ending of ANTIFA and thus the defunding of law enforcement officers. The government is intended to remove law-enforcing agencies at the local and state level and implement it at the national level only. Michael Letts raised his voice against this civil infrastructure for law enforcement agencies as we can not rely only on the army and a single security institution.

Promoting BLM (Black Lives Matter): An inclusion in Michael Letts Deliberation for Law Enforcement Officers

BLM was a movement to protect rather than save Black lives from insidious assaults. In his recent statement, Michael Letts stated the import[rate of a secured community is to keep each life safe. However, no matter it’s black or white life, it belongs to the USA, so we need to make thoughtful changes in our security regulations.

In the past, we have seen many law enforcement officers that were Black USA netizens face physical and blameful assaults for just being Black. That’s not good for raising an impacting nation, said Michale Letts. 

Promoting black Americans’ lives is the new intention among many of the serviceable acts of Michael Letts.

In-Vest USA: Saving lives of Those Who Protect Us

In-Vest USA by Michael Letts has been working for decades for the security and well-being of law-enforcement officers. Unfortunately, the USA is about to reach a million law enforcement officers and thus is facing the defunding of troops. That act is negligible to accept. 

Michael Letts is always standing side by side with police officers for their legal funding rights. In addition, In-Vest USA is carrying on its incentive to equip police officers with bulletproof vests. The cause will not stop unless every single officer is given a free bulletproof vest, says the founder – Michael Letts.

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