Bullet and Stab Proof Vests

Being a Law Enforcement Officer, it’s like playing with fire every moment. You never know from what type of weapon you are going to be stabbed. The body armor is thus ordained in law enforcement agencies. Wearing a bulletproof vest endures a potentially fatal attack. 

A normal bulletproof vest can resist a ballistic attack, but it fails to encounter any stab attack. Most police officers are also provided with standard body armor, which can not compromise against a disabling injury. 

Advancements to regulate the use of Bullet and Stab Proof Vest so that troops face any criminal assault with valor resulting in no injury to first responders. 

A Perfect Fit First-Responder Vest Gives Confidence

Most of the first responders can not afford to buy themselves a new bulletproof and stab-proof vest, whether they rent it out or wear the used one without taking into account the state of its condition. Torn out vest can result in serious injuries in case of any ballistic or stab intercourse. 

It is on the better side to wear a body vest of your size and fit. There should not be any tear and wear signs that the naked eye could see. Furthermore, any damage in ballistic panels can not handle any ballistic or stab attack. Thus, owning your body armor in the best possible condition not only protects but gives encouraging confidence. 

Bullet and Stab Proof Vests

Of What Material A STAB Proof Vest is Manufactured

A stab-proof vest can not be manufactured of some fabric as a stabbing attack can tear it apart. These kinds of vests employ certain materials like Chainmail. Chainmail provides a tough surface-bearing tyrannical attack. The tough surface covers a soft Kevlar beneath. The reason to use Kevlar beneath Chainmail is to lessen the force and absorb any weapon’s energy.

Stab proof Vest v/s Bulletproof Vest

Well, as the names suggest, both vests behave differently against any fatal attack. A Stab vest protects a first responder from sharp-edged objects, whereas a Bulletproof vest offers resistance from a ballistic attack. Stab-resistant vests are different from bulletproof vests in terms of manufacturing and defense against any potential injury. 

Need of Stab & Bulletproof Vests For First Responders

First responders keep in check security and safety in communities. They have to go through unexpected fatal circumstances to keep law and order. These Law enforcement agencies can not neglect the need for vests for these law enforcement officers in any way. Whether it is Stab Proof or Bulletproof vest, both are necessities and should be regulated as a part of their daily get-up.

Bulletproof Vests For First Responders

Free Stab/Bullet Proof Vests

Most law enforcement agencies provide a bulletproof vest to their troops every five years. A stab-proof vest, on the other hand, is not in uniform still. However, a Stab-proof vest should also be regulated now.

Many government representatives and social workers in the USA have taken initiatives to provide bulletproof and stab-proof vests to law enforcement officers. Funding has also started to which law enforcement agencies can apply for any number of troops.

Michael Letts Contribution

A notable name in the USA, Michael Letts, is working die-heart for the well-being and safety of frontline responders. A non-profitable organization is one of the great initiatives of Michael Letts Free Body Armor programs. 

Many law enforcement officers are now equipped with bulletproof vests; all credits go to the commendable efforts of Michael Letts. Stab-proof vests are also starting to be distributed for free. All we see are safe localities safeguarding the lives of those who protect us. 

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