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First Responders of Law Enforcement companies have neglected their safety and root protection. The circumstances they face can be due to severe damage to their body. The ballistic attacks are deadly, and hence there is a need to equip them with body armor. Unfortunately, the first responders have to do daily death dealings, and they do not provide protective vests.

It is alarming that those who protect us are in danger every second. Therefore, it is vital to wear a vest as a regular part of the personal equipment of troops.

Free Bulletproof Vests – an honor for First Responders

The shocking survey has shown that most first responders do not wear their body armor as they cannot afford to have one. The lack of resources in small-scale law enforcement agencies is risking many valuable lives.

free bulletproof vests

All lives matter. It is the responsibility of the commanders of law enforcement agencies to make sure bulletproof vests are for police officers. What can be an honor for a police officer than to lessen the risk of ballistic damage to him. Calamity does not knock before harming; the least we can do is take preventive measures, and hence a Free Bulletproof Vest can serve the purpose.

A Free Bulletproof vest to Save a Life

Thousands of Law enforcement first responders are working in dangerous environments in localities of the USA. They do not even have a ballistic vest to protect them against any sudden damage. Many of the officers get to have a bulletproof vest once every five years. But what if damage struck before? The law enforcement agencies need to make regulations to provide Free Bulletproof Vests to their first responders.

It is not how the risk of damage minimizes, but it gives inner confidence to fight valor. Save the lives of those protecting us in every moment of emergency by equipping them with free bulletproof vests.

Michael Letts Bulletproof Vest Program

Michael Letts is a recognized and notable name In South Carolina. Due to his revolutionary mindset, he has done voluntary services for communities in the USA.

bulletproof vests program

He has been outraged to make decisive changes in Law enforcement agencies to rectify the situation. Yet, first responders are our thin blue line that is keeping our country in check. Thus to protect the lives of those first responders, Michael Letts took the initiative to provide free bulletproof vests to police officers.

In-vest USA

In-Vest USA is a non-profitable organization that is serving communities across the USA to provide free bulletproof vests and equipment to first responders.

In-Vest USA was inaugurated by Michael Letts while located in South Carolina. He came forward to tackle the need for body armor for first responders. The organization provides bulletproof vests for police officers in small communities of the USA and educates them about the need for life-saving armors.

Wearing Bulletproof Armor should be made Necessary.

Providing law enforcement officers with free vests would not be enough. A first responder should wear a bulletproof vest and should be a part of daily personal equipment.

We need more people to join the cause of Michael Letts to eradicate the risk of danger. In-Vest, Michael Lett’s non-profitable organization raises funds to provide free bulletproof vests to smaller localities, and guiding them with its importance is genuinely appreciable.

Final Verdict

By helping organizations like In-Vest USA, we can put our share in building a safer society and saving first responders’ lives. Letting them reach theory homes safely is also their right. So bringing this cause for encouragement and mainly to lessen the risk of deaths by gunfire, we need to come along with a non-profitable organization to raise funds for free bulletproof vests.

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