Michael Letts’ In-Vest USA – Protecting America’s Police in a Charged Political Environment

USA first-line responders are facing a crisis of defunding and a charged political environment. The funding of police officers is scary already. Along with that, they are facing violence with no protection measurements. This defunding is quite the exploitation of the fundamental rights of police in the USA.

Recently, it has been ordered to increase the number of troop’s downtown after the rise of gun and armed violence. These troops have to face such crucial and fatal environments and are not given their essential safety equipment. The USA needs to wake up to bring law and order in communities, said Michael Letts.

If you are not safe when shopping, in homes, or wandering on the streets, then it is the downtime of society. Police officers and law enforcement officers are always there to protect us, and it is our responsibility to protect those who protect us. And most of all, they are also citizens of the USA. They risk their lives while standing at the frontline to protect us. Thus, America needs to stand up today to save the blue line from devastation.

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In-Vest USA: Michael Letts is Dedicated Protect the Lives of First Responders

Michael Letts has been humbled in serving first responders since 1993. In-Vest USA was founded in 1993 when Michael Letts came to know that almost 52% of troops do not have vests to protect themselves in deadly conditions.

From that time, thousands of bulletproof vests were distributed in several communities of the USA to protect their first-responders. In addition, Michael Letts’ resourceful non-profit organization has made thousands of troops come back home safely.

In-Vest USA: A Step Ahead

In-Vest USA, under the chairmanship of Michael Letts, has now introduced the latest technology vests. Active-Shooter Vests will directly be provided to first responders to protect them against any ballistic or armed attacks. These vests are manufactured with a special kind of fabric and plated in with metal plates. Michael Letts pulled out all stops to equip police officers with Active Shooter Vests. In Addition, In-Vest USA, a non-profitable organization, is raising funds to protect the lives of frontline protectors.

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