Vest for Life

Law enforcement officers play vital role in keeping in check security and safety. Thus, they must safeguard themselves against any endangerment. A bulletproof vest can perform this life-saving act. Law enforcement officers usually are on nominal wages and hence cannot afford to buy for themselves. Either they can protect themselves from ballistic dangers or can put food on the table for families. A need to ponder upon it!

Some courteous social workers have taken the first step in providing bulletproof vests to these troops for the cause of saving lives. But, unfortunately, these law enforcement agencies are on meager budgets, and that’s why these agencies are unable to equip every police officer with bulletproof vest. It is, no doubt, risking the lives of our frontline responders.

vest for life

The need of the hour is to not put any life of a first responder in any probability of danger. Many considerations from the government as well as from communal administrations can are making efforts for a change.

Vest for Life Programs

Free body armor is a necessity as well as the right of a first-line responder. They have to work in dangerous environments, and they are not even equipped with bulletproof armors. Some of the police officers provided new bulletproof vests every five years. The warranty of this body armor is five years though these can still effectively protect the police officers in deadly circumstances.

Vest for Life – From Law Enforcement Agencies

Some of the law enforcement agencies provide a bulletproof vest to their frontline responders every five years. Though the warranty of a bulletproof vest is five years, researches have show that well-maintained body armor can still possess the ability to stop projectiles.

Funds for Free Bulletproof Vests for Police Officers

According to recent amendments in USA regulations, law enforcement agencies can now apply to their frontline responders. As a result, a Vest for Life initiative encouraged these troops to fight courageously in toxic environments.

Body Armor Program for Law Enforcement Officers

The individuals belonging from any law enforcement agency can also be an applicant to this Free Life for Vest Program.

Michael Letts’ Free Bulletproof Vest Program

Michael Letts is a groundbreaker in providing Free Bulletproof Vests to frontline responders. Being notable with his social services and a unique name in USA politics, Michael Letts is now on the cause in providing free bulletproof vests to troops.

Despite his other efforts to make an effective change in society, he is now reading the objective to equip police officers with free bulletproof vests. His actions are getting praised as this will make the difference whether a trip is going home or not. In addition, a bulletproof vest lessens the risk of damage.

In-Vest USA by Michael Letts

In-Vest USA is a non-profitable organization. The organization is of purpose to raise funds for free bulletproof vests to law enforcement officers. “All Live MATTER” is the motto of In-Vest. Michael Letts is standing behind our blue line, not to let it collapse.

Not only vests but the equipment a frontline responder needs are provided for free by Michael Letts organization. The cause will not stop until every troop gets equipped with a Bulletproof Vest.

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