bulletproof vests in texas

Michael Letts is law enforcement professional. He is serving small communities in the USA with his dedication to bringing change. First Responders in the USA are facing defunding and other demonizing movements. Dark clouds are always there, shading the worthy efforts of first responders. As a result, the USA’s blue line is crumbling.

Michael Letts, in these circumstances, came forward and held hands with first responders. To strengthen frontline responders, Michael Letts started a grassroots organization, In-Vest USA.

Before skimming into the Texas situation, see what In-Vest USA’s insights are:

What is In-Vest USA?

In-Vest USA is a non-profitable organization that works as a fundraiser to provide bulletproof vests to first responders. In 1993, the situation was worse as 58% of first responders did not have any vest. First responders were on the verge of dying. Michael Letts founded this organization to thicken blue line and to protect existing ones.

In-Vest USA is basically (primarily) helping hundreds of communities to provide bulletproof vests to police officers there. These communities are already lacking in funds, and so are their police officers. Through In-Vest USA, not only vests but necessary security equipment is also provided there.

How Does In-Vest USA Raise Funds?

In-Vest USA raises funds through educational, public relations, sponsorships, and fundraising programs. For example, in collaboration with police chiefs, In-Vest USA can distribute FREE Bulletproof Vests throughout the country.

TEXAS Bullet Proof Vest Campaign

In-Vest USA is now heading into Texas to help their first responders to provide bulletproof vests. The mission of In-Vest USA and Michael Letts is to equip each police officer with body armor so that the blue line could thicken.

bulletproof vests in texas

For the Vest Campaign in Texas, these mentioned below joined In-Vest USA:

  • Sheriff Oscar Carrillo, Culberson County, Texas
  • Sheriff Arvin West, Hudspeth County, Texas
  • Sheriff Danny C. Dominguez, Presidio County, Texas
  • Sheriff Arturo “Art” Granado, Reeves County, Texas
  • Sheriff Joe Frank Martinez of Val Verde County, Texas
  • Chief of Police Robert Lujan, Ft. Stockton, Texas

What is In-Vest USA going to do in Texas?

Under the leadership of Michael A Letts, In-Vest USA is going to start its bulletproof vests’ distributing campaign in Texas. In-Vest USA will begin providing bests to Sheriffs in Culberson, Hudspeth, Presidio, Reeves, and Val Verde Counties and the Ft. Stockton Police Department.

Location and Campaign Date

The campaign was held at The Ft. Stockton Police Department, 123 N. Main Street, Fort Stockton, Texas. Michael Letts’ In-Vest USA vests distribution started Oct. 22nd.

Objective behind Texas Campaign

As the cartel shooting and border crimes escalated, first responders needed to protect their own lives too. In-Vest USA cooperates with Texas sheriffs and the Ft. Stockton Police Chief to ensure that each law enforcement professional is uniformed with a bulletproof vest. Michael Letts is making sure that each blue line officer is wearing a top-of-the-line bulletproof vest as they keep their lives in danger to protect citizens.

Border patrol and law enforcement are under fire after the tense-bulleted situation at the border of Mexico. News is swirling all over the USA media about gunfire attacks day by day. Michael Letts is vowed to put his part in protecting the lives of law enforcement officers. In-Vest USA is providing a top-notch level of personal security through bulletproof and active-shooter vests.

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