Michael Letts in Empowering First-Responders in the USA

This year marks 20 years for that vicious incident of 9/11. Twin-Towers were hit, and hundreds of lives were on the brink of end. There was a massive outbreak of people saving lives or finding their loved ones. A nightmare was, indeed.

On that heart-less day, we faced loss – loss of lives, financial loss, and development loss. Well, we can not rectify the loss of lives, but we saw our frontline responders fighting and helping their natives without thinking for their own lives. First Responders are named after that to respond firstly and swiftly.

But First Responders in the USA can not even have their equipment for personal safety. In any disruption in check and balance, First Responders are always held accountable. Yet, the basic needs of these troops remain for granted. Throughout these years since 9/11 happened, First Responders have faced De-funding and many opposing movements. Still, these brave souls leave no stone unturned in serving their country.

Law Enforcement Officers are Protecting Citizens Against Localized Terrorism

9/11 is unquestionably the unforgettable incident of the worthy efforts of law enforcement officers. However, the incident depicted localized terrorism apart from that First Responders put themselves in the death-well to save lives.

Well, one can say that that’s the duty for what they are hired for, but they forget if one of the Law Enforcement Officers dies, it affects the whole crew.

The USA, in past years, has seen many indecent incidents. Not only terror attacks but the excessive raged ones also. First Responders were and are diving into the death pool without equipping themselves with any bulletproof vest. That is alarming!

Michael Letts’ Supporting Role

Michael Letts is himself a Law Enforcement Professional and has been serving the well-being of Law enforcement officers since 1993. The moment he felt the need for Bulletproof vests for these police officers, 58% of officers did not have any vest. But the digits have decreased to 20%, all due to the efforts of Michael Letts.

Michael Letts has been part of many inspirational platforms to give awareness about the Saving Lives of Law Enforcement Officers. He has spoken at conferences to let the government know how this critical department is deprived of facilities.

Defunding, making a single federal level Law enforcement department and assaults, law enforcement officers have to face many things. Michael Letts has been supportive and will stand along with police officers until they get their legal rights.

In-Vest USA

michae lletts

In-Vest USA is a grassroots and non-profitable organization that raises funds for providing bulletproof vests to law enforcement officers.

In-Vest USA provides bulletproof vests to community officers and guides them about the need to wear a vest. The objective of Michael Letts is that every officer can reach home safely, and thus we can save the lives of those who protect us.

You can also be a part of this great motive and help protectors be at less risk.

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