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Michael Letts is a Law Enforcement Professional and has won many awards regarding his social and community services.

Michael Letts is stating his views on recent insidious hype about Defunding of law enforcement officers. He sat down with NOQ reporting and understanding his social and Community Service.

Many awarded regarding His professional and Law enforcement Service

The other side of the story is the current movement.

Black Lives Matter’s Objective

michael letts

The black Lives Matter – initiative started with the cause behind it so that these so-called politicians could spend millions of bucks for their security. Those unpleasant incidents would not have been caused if it was not blown to fire. Instead, citizens turned this protest into a hundred-day protest while disfiguring the situation.

The black Lives Matter-Initiative start with cause behind It so that these so called politician

Protestors blamed ANTIFA after the sneaking assault on the Bill of Rights and the Black Lives Matter movement.

Michael Letts cleared ANTIFA’s objective about funding to Law Enforcement Officers. He remarked that the seizure of the state and Law Enforcement was caused due to demand for the elimination of local and state officers.

That’s only the prototype to eradicate Law Enforcement on the state level. That is why ANTIFA is used against law enforcement officers so that their defunding is made legal. It is just a lie that ANTIFA is funding Law Enforcement. If that way is possible, then defunding must not be affecting police officers.

Michael Letts’ In-Vest the USA

Michael Letts is the founder and chairman of In-Vest USA. The objective of this profile organization is to supply body armor to police officers. This body armor not only protects against mass shootings but also allows our police officers to save their lives.

If law enforcement officers did not dive in with body armor provided by Michael Letts, we would not be able to survive the massive shooting, attack on the twin towers, and outraged protestors. He took this bold step not to leave frontline responders struggling without having a bulletproof vest. Michael Letts added that the cause would not stop until every troop was equipped with body armor.

michael letts

He took this bold step not  to leave frontline Responders Struggling without having a bulletproof vest .Michael  Letts added that the cause would not stop until every troop was equipped with body armor

Final Words:

Michael Letts is not saving as a social activist but is breathing out to the injustice. Eliminating State and Local Law Enforcement agencies and compiling only one federal one will give rise to crimes. The government’s peculiar party is bidding and hence destroying our freedom.

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