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Michael Letts – Considerably Serving USA Communities to Bring A Meaningful Change

A notable name with heroic social services – Michael Letts started his career in 1986 as a State Constable of South Carolina. From his on-duty services until now, Michael Letts is shining alone to being a societal change to help Law Enforcement officers.

Michael Letts actively takes part in political and community services in South Carolina. Apart from his many efforts, Michael Letts has been awarded many national awards.

Congressional Gold Medal Award was granted for his community services. SC Order of the Palmetto and South Carolina’s Highest Civilian Honor awarded for his extraordinary Lifetime achievement and services to state and nation.

A Successful Business Man with A PASSION for Educational Needs

Being a Law Enforcement Professional, Michael Letts is a prosperous businessman also. He is the founder and president of Salty Fin Realty and Holdings. With many business ventures named after Michael Letts, he is also an ordained minister and an executive pastor.

michael letts

As Michael Letts has a Law Enforcement related career, he wants to pursue this passion in the coming generation. That’s why all business progressions are themed on educational needs for our children. Educating our upcoming generation to be the first responder is crucial as the population rises; more troops will be needed.

Thus, Michael Letts founded First Responders schools, i.e., First Responder Academy Public Charter High School along with Hope Academy. The key objective of establishing these institutions is to allow our children to interface with the duties of school resource officers.

In-Vest USA

The pioneer in popularity of Michael Letts is this initiation. In-Vest USA is a grassroots non-profit organization. In-Vest USA is striving to provide thousands of bulletproof vests in hundreds of communities for their police officers.

In the start, 58% of the police officers did not have a vest to save themselves against any ballistic attack. But now, the fires are descended to 20%. All credit goes to the untiring voice of Michael Letts that he raised for the rights of Law Enforcement in the USA.

In-Vest USA is Making a Social Impact

In-Vest USA raises funds through educational, public relations, sponsorships, and fundraising programs to protect the lives of those who save us. As per the last survey, more than 6,500 concealable and active shooter vests have been distributed throughout the USA. As a result of Michael Letts’ leadership and never-ending passion, devastated areas of the USA emerged as a nation.

Michael Letts – A Person of Enormous Influence

Michael Letts is an organization in itself. He is a Law Enforcement Professional and is endeavoring to boost stamina in our new generation.

Michael Letts is always on the side of Law Enforcement officers as he knows how much this integral part is neglected. From Defunding to a single federal law enforcement department, Michael Letts speaks and will raise his voice to platforms.

By distributing these bulletproof vests to police officers, he saves the lives of those ordered to respond in any indecent incident.

Not only bulletproof vests but Active shooter vests are also being distributed to respond more courageously.

You can also take part in this objective by raising funds for In-Vest USA.

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