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The attack on Twin Towers and recent panic incidents in the USA caused the nation to lose many precious lives and cops. Cops were held accountable for the irreparable loss, but accountable forgot to pay heed to decline cops figures.

Terror attacks do not knock at the door of preventive measures. Neither attack has eyes or a racist. Loss of lives is a mutual loss – A nation’s loss. So complaining about the loss of lives without mentioning the sacrifice done by Police is legit unfair.

twins tower attack

Moreover, Police are said to respond in terrible circumstances to clear the mess caused by foolish decisions of the government. Recently, the problem in Afghanistan is that you’re not worth your while, American citizens. You’re bringing refugees without any background screening.

They set it up in a crescent to make America white tag. So it was a bridge or what? Our government makes this to be not acceptable as we instead need the urge from politicians and Republicans. We need to make sure that they understand that we’re behind our Police’s high morals. That’s a great thing you can do on your behalf in a day.

Lack Of Necessary Police Personal Security Equipment’s

We call 911 and ask cops for even a slight inconvenience, but the government has a rabbit’s dream. They call to defund the Police but forget to fund necessary equipment. Police officers let their lives on the edge of danger without wearing a bulletproof vest. Cops did not ever enjoy the perks of being a police officer as they are meant to respond in the frontline (to save the country).

Thanks to Michael Letts for stepping forward to put a positive perspective on needing cops in bulk in the USA.

In-Vest USA – By Michael A Letts

In-Vest USA is a grassroots, non-profitable organization that raises funds to distribute bulletproof vests in communities all over America. Michael A Letts founded it after the crash of the blue line for not having a vest.

In-Vest USA

Under the leadership of Michael A Letts, In-Vest USA is doing hard to protect the lives of those who save us. Bulletproof vests are provided for free throughout the small communities with the guidance of wearing a vest.


The leading cause of starting this initiative is to save our blue line from getting thin. And to make a difference so that cops can also reach safely to their homes after duty.

The check and order police officers succeeded in balancing daily life is worth providing them with free vests. That is why In-Vest USA was founded. Unfortunately, only 28% of the 58% left behind are at a higher risk of gunfire damage. But as per recent updates from In-Vest USA management, the figures will lessen in the coming time.

Value Your First Responders – Appreciate Them

Being a netizen, breathing without any fear and wandering here and there are just because of the tireless efforts of our first responders. You can also add in your share by appreciating them for their actions.

Or you can visit the In-Vest USA website to share a financial petition to buy them a free bulletproof vest.

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