Michael Letts CEO of In-Vest USA, Talks about 5 Active Shooter Vests to the Horry County, Sheriff’s Office on January 1, 2022.

InVest USA donated 5 Active Shooter Vests to the Horry County (Myrtle Beach) Sheriff’s Office in honor of HCSO Deputy Kent Grause, who died Monday, December 27, 2021, with over 35 years of law enforcement experience, to start 2022 “protecting those who protect us,” said Invest USA CEO Michael Letts of Columbia SC

COLUMBIA, S.C., Jan. 5, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — InVestUSA, a charitable organization that contributes bulletproof vests to law enforcement and other first responders who help maintain the peace, is donated five Active Shooter Vests to the Horry County (Myrtle Beach) Sheriff’s Office in honor of Horry County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Kent Grause, who died Monday, December 27, 2021, after 35 years of law enforcement experience.

The donation was to start 2022 properly in “protecting those who protect us,” said Invest USA CEO Michael Letts from Columbia SC. InVest USA has donated 7500 vests to date.

The donation from InVest USA included five Active Shooter Vests to the Horry County, South Carolina (Myrtle Beach) Sheriff’s Office. The contribution was in honor of the Horry County Deputy Kent Grause, who died on December 27, 2021 after 35 years of law enforcement experience.

The donation ceremony was conducted on January 1, 2022 at 11:00 am Eastern Time at the Horry County Sheriff’s Office at 1301 2nd Avenue, Conway, South Carolina. Speakers included Horry County Sheriff Phillip E. Thompson, Michael Letts, and Horry County Chief Deputy Tom Fox.

Said Michael Letts, “InVestUSA is honored to help protect those who protect us at the Horry County Sheriff’s Office. Sheriff Thompson has served in the Sheriff’s office honorably and with distinction with over 42 years of law enforcement experience.”

This is the second donation to the Horry County Sheriff’s office. The first was almost 20 years ago. With Myrtle Beach receiving more than 18 million visitors a year, the police responsibilities are disproportionally higher than in other cities with similar populations.

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