Bulletproof TV

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First responders (police officers, EMTs, and firefighters) face life-changing dangers every time they suit up and take a call. Sometimes the danger comes from the very people they are there to help. These brave men and women are trained to save the lives of others, but what happens when they need to be saved?

In weekly episodes, the new series Bulletproof vividly captures life-changing stories using dramatic, first-hand interviews; field footage; occasional and brief reenactments; crime scenes photos; and round-table discussions. Through it all, viewers experience the pain, pressures, and passions that are part of everyday life for First Responders—America’s heroes!

Bulletproof is an exciting new series that explores the impulse inside of those who run toward danger, instead of away from it. That split second makes all the difference, and Bulletproof explores how it works and how it helps real people, real families, and real lives.
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