First Responders are on the verge of defunding when they are responsible for checks and balances in the USA. Being the frontline responder and not having a vest to protect yourself against any deadly attack; probably is a death game. In that awful situation, Michael Letts raised his hand to save the lives of those who protect us.

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Michael Letts wanted to collaborate with the USA government to take the initiative for first responders to provide them with basic security equipment. The encouraging gesture was meant to provide bulletproof vests to first responders. The claim for that aid was 250 thousand dollars, but unfortunately, that claim was removed in the third reading. Reports swamped Michael Letts for the declination of the support asked, but Michael Letts did not distract his sight.

Well, politicians shouldn’t have opposed this bona fide act. Michael Letts then decided to reach out to the public to raise funds for In-Vest USA. Thus, in 1993, In-Vest USA was founded by Michael A Letts to distribute free bulletproof vests to first responders across the country.

In-Vest USA Funding

In-Vest USA is a non-profitable and grassroots organization. It is based on the core purpose of providing bulletproof vests to first responders and aiding them in maintaining their safety. Alas! USA Politicians were hostile to this patriotic movement and pulled their hands back. In that scenario, Michael Letts turned to the public sector and somehow managed to found In-Vest USA.

The funding of In-Vest USA is carried out through public relations, fundraising programs, sponsorships, and educational programs. In addition, some corporate sponsors across the country are playing their part not to let this blue line collapse. Hopefully, the majority of the funding comes from pops and moms. They are more concerned with keeping check and balance in places they wander. Encouraging this movement and promoting this initiative.

In-Vest USA is Saving Blue & Red Lines from Collision

Around 32,000 lives have been saved from the moment they are provided with vests. The USA is already facing a crisis on borders, and thus they call for frontline responders to respond in ballistic environments. These police officers can be shot across the wall, and hence the blue line starts crumbling.

While wearing a bulletproof vest can lessen the risk of death. The purpose is getting fulfilled as the figures have declined to 28% from 58%. This numeric representation shows clearly that now a police officer can reach back to his home safely. The defunding conviction is rejected nationwide as safety is a priority.

The need for such an initiative was always there. But the USA lacked leadership, someone who could hold the flag and decide the fate of a nation. Michael Letts has been outspoken about his intentions, and now the change is here. Police officers can respond bravely and can return home with a cherished soul. And if we do not have any first responders to respond to any indecent incident, we will lose as a nation.

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